Odoo ERP for Trading Companies

Trading, as a business model, involves the sale of various goods and service-based products to customers in either small quantities or bulk. These customers may range from larger establishments to retail shops. In modern times, trading operations operate on both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) bases. Companies often specialize in specific products or types of products and conduct their operations at local or global scales.

Aspects of the best trading business

  • Strong logistic organization
  • Faster distribution
  • Dedicated operational methodology
  • Modernized marketing
  • Fully functional inventory

Odoo for your Trading Business

For the efficient functioning of your trading business, Odoo, a modernized business management solution, stands out as the ideal choice. With its advanced operational functionalities, Odoo offers operational satisfaction and ease for your business. The outstanding features tailored for running a trading business make Odoo the optimal solution for your operational needs.

Hassle-free sale operations

Run your sales operations to function with easiness and with dedicated operation management and controlling tools

Draft Sales quotations

Well structured Quotation templates

Sales order via email to customer

Send out Proforma Invoices

Define custom payment methodologies

Discounts and Coupons programs

Complete Sales team Management

Automated Sales Warnings

Ability to lock orders

Product procurement management

Manage the purchase operations based on your trading firm requirement from multiple sources at the same time.

Enhance your customer relationship management

Attract a greater influx of customers to your business by diligently pursuing every lead and business opportunity with the assistance of the dedicated Odoo Customer Relationship Management (CRM) model.

Why do you need Ecosire?

Odoo, as a flexible ERP solution, relies on its configuration and development to determine its operational capabilities. This is where Ecosire excels, bringing in the expertise needed to develop and configure Odoo specifically for your trading business. We specialize in defining the operational constraints and parameters that align with your unique requirements. Our extensive clientele, comprised of trading companies, serves as a testament to our capabilities and expertise in delivering tailored Odoo ERP solutions in this domain.