Odoo Human Resource Management

The complete employee management system

Employees serve as the backbone of your organization. Their dedication is crucial to elevating your company’s performance and profitability. Efficient management of employees enables smoother operations and contributes to the creation of a well-crafted structure and organization for your business.

Centralized HR Operation Management

  • All from a single platform
  • Dedicated operational modules
  • Employee tracking and management

Dedicated Employee Management

The dedicated employee management module will help you with the storage of employee information and details of operations in the company
  • Store employee skills and resumes
  • Employee personal details storage
  • Run onboarding and offboarding operations

Attendance Management

  • Attendance register with biometric devices
  • Time off and employee vacation management
  • Track employee work time with Timesheet

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Run your recruitment process to be effectively having a clear overview of each step
  • Define your recruitment process
  • Track each strange of applications and candidates
  • Post job vacancies online

Payroll Management and Appraisal

Bring in a structure to the employee salary payments and the appraisal operations, where the employees can request for the appraisal
  • Payroll based on the employee attendance
  • Define the salary structure at the time employee onboarding

  • Employee appraisal request
  • Periodical employee evaluatio

Advanced Reporting

HR bases reports play a key role in management operations and Odoo lets you develop advanced analytical reports
  • Recruitment analysis reports
  • Report on employee contract
  • Attendance report
  • Time off analysis report

Integrated modules

Integrating the modules within Odoo enhances the overall functionality of your HR management operations. Various main modules and their corresponding submodules are seamlessly integrated to facilitate comprehensive management of HR operations.