Hotel Management ERP

Hospitality Management

Manage the Aspects of Room Reservation

Well Craftable e-commerce Website for Booking

Room Reservations

Housekeeping Management

Real-time Report Generations

Manage your employee operations efficiently

The ultimate shopping day

The various dedicated modules available in the Odoo platform will aid in the operation management of the employees from recruitment to payroll management

Stock management

The ultimate shopping day

Manage the stock on food ingredients required for the preparation of dishes along with the toiletries for the rooms. Additionally, manage the stock on cleaning items and hospitality tools

Customer relationship management

The ultimate shopping day

Customer satisfaction and pushing each of the leads is vital for any hotel business and Odoo has a definite CRM model defined for the same purpos

How can Ecosire be helpful?

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For the past 5 years, ECOSIRE Technologies, a leading Odoo partner, has been delivering hotel management solutions to its clients. Leveraging this extensive experience, we have meticulously developed a comprehensive Hotel management system within Odoo. Our expertise encompasses a deep understanding of the diverse constraints inherent in custom software development for the hospitality industry. We are proficient in making modifications and configurations to the Odoo platform, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your operational requirements and optimally supports the unique needs of your hotel business.

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