Odoo CRM

Gain more business with the customer-centric CRM

In the contemporary business landscape, customer relationship management is indispensable, as companies explore new marketing strategies and promotions to attract a larger customer base. The tools within customer relationship management empower your executives to be more attentive in generating business opportunities by sourcing leads from various business areas. These CRM tools have evolved into integral components of many businesses, serving as the primary source for numerous business opportunities. Odoo CRM, a dedicated management module, provides an intuitive platform for managing the customer relationship operations of your company.

Attractive CRM Dashboard

Use of visual & configuration tools for operational readiness

Viewable in Kanban, lists, graph, activity, pivot & more

Custom stages on leads

Direct activity scheduling

Real-time Overview

CRM reporting offers a comprehensive operational overview.

Dedicated reports on pipeline, leads, & activities

Custom and default filtering group by options

Eye-catching reports with rightful insight

Well-defined activity scheduler

You will be able to schedule activities on leads using the scheduling too

Scheduled activities with the calendar view

Schedule meetings, calls, emails, and many more

What makes Odoo CRM the best?

The dedicated infrastructure along with the operational capabilities that the CRM module of Odoo brings into the business operations is the prime reason that the Odoo CRM is the best and intuitive tool of operations.

Generate leads from various sources

With the capability to generate leads from various sources allowing you to boost your business opportunities.

Generate leads from websites, and eCommerce platforms

Generate leads from incoming emails.

Lead generation from marketing campaigns, and promotional programs

How can Ecosire be helpful?

Given that Odoo’s functionality can be customized to align with your business requirements, a specialized Odoo service provider, such as Ecosire Technologies, a leading Odoo partner, is well-equipped to deliver a tailored Odoo platform. Our team of expert developers is adept at configuring Odoo, including its CRM module, to meet your specific customer relationship management needs.